Urban Drift 2013, Haus für elektronische Künste (HEK), Basel, Switzerland

Interactive Video/ turntable installation

Urban Drift, 2013

Urban Drift is an interactive sound installation which utilizes the McGurk effect, a perceptual phenomenon that demonstrates an interaction between hearing and vision perception.

As an interactive installation the artist combined collected glitchy video from the London Riots news footage from 2011 with her ongoing series of layered vinyl compositions which are normally used in her performance work.

The viewer is invited to participate in the installation by having access to a turntable and headphones, situated in the center of a screening room which is projecting the video component of the piece.

The result allows viewers an opportunity to develop a tactile relationship with the auditory component of the installation, experiencing the McGurk Effect, syncing the actions in the projected video with the audio emitted from the layered vinyl composition without any outside technology normally used when syncing audio with video.

Much of Chavez’s installation work focuses on live circumstances, creating accidents that allow, what she calls, “the Language of Chance” to unfold.