Thirtysomething, 2012

Canvas, layered white paint, sizing labels, white thread, pastels

3’ x 3’

In Thirtysomething, 2012, the arrangement of different sizing labels onto 4 panel pieces of canvas, heavily coated in white paint, are arranged in different numerical patterns which have been hand cut and sewn on by Chavez. The 4 unevenly cut square panels create a grid for the viewer to interact with each section, leading the viewer’s eye up, down, and across the piece. The repetition of the sizing labels vary in the thirty’s and can be viewed as an appreciation of a work being made in the moment, as threads and labels are left hanging and sewn in different directions on each panel.

Recognizing materials in forgotten phases, i.e. sizing labels in clothing, can be mirrored by Chavez’s turntable sound work in the way she collects her own vinyl material. Many of the sound choices in her vinyl collection consists of one of a kind recordings, never before heard by the general public, with Chavez bringing them to life in performance. Chavez’s sound and visual work cross varying media, making pieces that straddle different disciplines of interest.

Chavez has been included in various festivals and group shows all over the world including The Whitney Museum, the DIA Beacon Museum, MoMA PS1, CAPC Contemporary Arts Museum, the State Hermitage in Russia and many others.

Photos by: Juan Betancurth


July 5 – July 31, 2012

11am – 4pm Tuesday-Saturday
or by appointment

Organized by Dawn Kasper
in collaboration with Jay Sanders and David Zwirner

“…FUEL FOR THE FIRE In the 1980s, physicist Alan Guth offered an enhanced version of the big-bang theory, called inflationary cosmology… The centerpiece of the proposal is a hypothetical cosmic fuel that, if concentrated in a tiny region, would drive a brief but stupendous outward rush of space, a bang, and a big one at that… mathematical analysis also revealed (and here’s where the multiverse enters) that as space expands the cosmic fuel replenishes itself, and so efficiently that it is virtually impossible to use it all up. Which means that the big bang would likely not be a unique event. Instead, the fuel would not only power the bang giving rise to our expanding realm, but it would power countless other bangs, too, each yielding its own separate, expanding universe…”

I was given a space in Chelsea for two months. I decided to invite others to share this space with me. This exhibition is the result of the collisions that may occur in our ever-expanding universe. The people involved are the fuel.



Thursday, July, 19th 7pm
NewVillager, MegaFortress, Natalie Elizabeth Weiss, Peter Sutherland

Sunday, July, 22nd 7pm
David Smith/ Doom Trumpet, Maria Chavez, C Spencer Yeh, Bryan Zanisnik, Shana Moulton, Jen Liu

Monday, July, 23rd 7pm
Jennifer Blowdryer, Dia Felix, Xeňa Stanislavovna Semjonová, Ariel Goldberg, Nicholas Boggs, Melissa Buzzeo

Thursday, July 26th 7pm 
Mirror Mirror, Making Friends, Jessie Gold, Tom Tom Magazine Pop-Up Shop: MASS & visuals by Angel Favorite, George Ferrandi, Dawn Kasper, Rachel Mason & The Little Band of Sailors, Mark Golamco, Karen Adelman, and Paul Waddell



  • Mark Golamco
  • Lucas Michael
  • Rachel Mason
  • Sam Gordon
  • Eve Fowler
  • Matthew Spiegelman
  • New Villager
  • Liz Collins
  • Mariah Garnett
  • Angeline Lacerenza
  • Felisa Funes
  • Mira O’Brien
  • EMA (Erika Anderson)
  • Jeanine Oleson
  • Asher Hartman
  • Candice Lin
  • Math Bass
  • MPA
  • Jen Liu
  • Shana Moulton
  • Franklin Evans
  • Mamiko Otsubo
  • Yeni Mao
  • Maria Chavez
  • C Spencer Yeh
  • Bryan Zanisnik
  • George Ferrandi
  • Daphne Fitzpatrick
  • Sharon Molloy
  • Collier Schorr
  • Joan Jonas
  • Chiara Giovando
  • Frank
  • Tom Tom Magazine (Mindy Seegal Abovitz)
  • Tova Carlin
  • Melissa Buzzeo
  • Karen Adelman
  • Paul Waddell