Llafeci: a composition for cello, rocks & poles by Maria Chavez

Llafeci: a composition for cello, rocks & poles

Llafeci: a composition for cello, rocks & poles

Performed by Audrey Chen (cello) & Maria Chavez (rocks & poles) at New York City’s Eyebeam Arts And Technology Center as part of their regular, late night concert series, CT-SWaM (Contemporary Temporary Sound Works And Music), organised by Daniel Neumann.

The premise of the Llafeci composition was based on Chavez’s continuous series of live sound installations pieces called SONIC SCORES.

A SONIC SCORE comprises of pre-recorded sound ideas, created by Maria Chavez, for musicians to perform in front of an audience. The process of a SONIC SCORE involves improvisation, allowing the musician the freedom to take into account the sounds they are hearing in relationship to their own performance practice.

Llafeci was created for cello player Audrey Chen, who is based in Berlin.

Maria Chavez’s Llafeci from The Wire Magazine on Vimeo.

Chavez’s decision to incorporate rocks & poles as material that accompanied the cello was site specific, utilizing the materials around the venue as the SONIC SCORE is being performed.
As an auditory choice, Chavez wanted to combine the large tones of the cello with the dry, percussive sounds of the natural materials & poles.

The result of the performance became a moment frozen in time with the rocks and poles left throughout the evening for the audience to view as a finished visual installation.

THANK YOU: Jake Adams, Daniel Neumann, Last Night on Earth, Natural History Museum (NYC).

Llafeci by Maria Chavez detail installation shot

Llafeci, by Maria Chavez detail 2014

Llafeci, by Maria Chavez detail 2014