HANDS, 2015


Participants of the book were asked to take an image of their palms, the most personal part of the hand. The accompanying general survey asked each person how they use their hands as working creative people.


Each photo book is considered a sculpture with each book hand bound. When open, each person’s palms face the viewer’s gaze. When closed, the images on the front & back cover (photos of the outside’s of the artist’s hands) hold the palms of peers in place until the next pair of hands physically opens the sculpture to observe.


In an exhibition setting, this sculpture starts off as an unfinished piece, awaiting all of the hands that will come in contact with it. With time the book morphs into a used form, with worn pages, distressed edges and unintentional folds and damage that are brought on by chance.


The impact of the hand in society covers such a wide range experiences. From murder to building the great wonders of the world, the varying capabilities of the human hand could be viewed as either a gift or a burden.


This book speaks to the influence that the human hand holds in our lives.

  • Maria Chavez, 8/2015