Dead of Winter Works #1-6

Dead of Winter Works, 2011 – 2012
a sound installations series curated by Maria Chavez during November 2010 – March 2011.

Six solo artists & artist groups have been invited to execute aural-visual works at the Splatterpool main gallery space during the ‘dead of winter’ months. The title refers to a time period (December through February) when artists introspectively focus all of their individual and collective energies on completing works to be presented in the upcoming season.

This series is meant to encourage artist to explore the usage and engagement of a gallery space, through the exposition of either a work-in-progress or a recently completed performance/ installation piece. Each sound installation remained on view for one weekend following an opening live performance by the featured artist.

This series was meant to highlight the hybridity of sound art practices in the growing NYC sound art community.

Participating artists include: Richard Garet, David Linton, Byron Westbrook, Future Archaeology, Sarah Lipstate & Shelley Burgon.

Splatterpool Artspace presents a film by curator/sound artist Maria Chavez and filmmaker Forest Christenson, featuring a series of sound art installations and interviews with six active artists and musicians in New York City. The film was premiered in NYC in November 2011.
Opening tomorrow is a very special series of sound art performances and installations entitled Dead of Winter Works #1-6 presented by Splatterpool Artspace. The project, which is curated by renowned avant-turntabalist Maria Chavez, envisions garnering a collective of multi-media talents for individual and collective introspection (basically to be entranced) during those “dead of winter” months. As we are already being wrapped in to the winter’s darkness, a series of experimental multi-media performances curated by an avant-garde sound artist already sounds pretty amazing. Kicking off tomorrow night is Richard Garet and until the end of February the line-up of artists include Shelley Burgon, David Linton, Byron Westbrook, Thomas Dexter, Future Archeology, Sarah Lipstate. And of course Ms. Chavez herself will be present throughout the performances. Complete details and the entire schedule is up on Splatterpool.